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they were doing and fight on battlefields in afghanistan and iraq. as jennifer points out, some of them doing are seven, eight years old at the time this happened. for them those pictures look like a movie from another time but something they live with and for in many ways every single day. our thanks to jennifer griffin at the pentagon. bill: before we came on the air you heard some of the families down there at ground zero talk about how some of kids are in college and set to graduate from high school. what a path they have taken. joining me now, retired four-star general jack keane, former vice chief of staff for the army and also a fox news military analyst and good morning, to you, sir. >> good morning, bill. bill: when you analyze the war on terror 11 years down the road now it is stunning how unrecognizeable al qaeda is today. yes they want to do harm but 11 years later, this group, the fight was truly taken to them, and now you wonder, the future for this organization, how capable or incapable they might be, how do you reflect on that today, general? >> well, first of all i was
who served in iran and iraq under presidents of both parties. bill: a terrific guest. republicans slamming the president's foreign policy a top romney advisor calling it amateur hour. we'll talk toe governor john sununu about that. >> this is moment to show our closest allies in the middle east, we stand with them unequivocally, unequivocally. no mixed signals. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. bill: vice-presidential nominee paul ryan returning to capitol hill, voting to delay the deadline for automatic tax increases across the board, spending cuts also, set to go into effect at end of the year. we talk about the fiscal cliff. there he is with john boehner yesterday afternoon. this postpones what was shaping up to be another showdown over the government shutdown after the election. the new deadline will be in the spring as soon as the senate aproves it next week and on and on kicking the can wherever i
the spokespersons, we're leaving iraq, we're leaving afghanistan, we're leaving the area, the people in the area are having to adjust and they believe the united states is weak and they are taking appropriate action. bill: also over the weekend congressman mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee and former fbi agent echoed that sentiment. >> the countries of middle east believe there is a disengagement policy by the united states and that lack of leadership there or at least clarity on what our position is causing problems. i, if we all decide to rally around the video as the problem we're going to make a serious mistake and we're going to make i think diplomatic mistakes as we move forward if we think that is the only reason people are showing up at our embassy to conduct acts violence. bill: the romney campaign says the obama administration is failing to throughout that part of the world. heather: there is more trouble brewing between israel and iran as a nightmare scenario could be coming close to reality. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the iran will be the on the br
won applause for ending the war in iraq, setting a deadline for withdrawing troops in afghanistan, something romney said is unwise. usama bin laden's picture was flashed on the big screen as another threat this country no longer faces and the president was skeptical of mitt romney's foreign policy thinking. >> after all you don't call russia our number one enemy, not al qaeda, russia, unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. [cheers and applause] you might not be ready for diplomacy with beijing if you can't visit the olympics without insulting our closest ally. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: romney criticized mr. obama's 2014 deadline for bringing troops home from afghanistan. he says it encourages the taliban to wait us out. heather? heather: we'll talk a little bit more in depth about the foreign policy angle of all this a little bit later. thank you very much, wendell goler live for us in charlotte. gregg: later today, governor romney will be holding a rally in new hampshire. he is running mate paul ryan, heading off to nevada. and later on fox news, governor rom
to afghanistan and iraq. and the lfig has been known to send fighters to syria. bill: they were blaming the film for a time and apparently that will go to the wayside. how does the administration explain the disconnect of the explanation anything? >> reporter: after the head of the counterterrorism center confirmed at the open hearing this was a terrorist attack the white house spokesman two hours later seemed to struggle to explain why the so-called demonstrators brought rpg's and used mortgage tas -- mortars. >> as i said last week as our ambassador to the united nations said on sunday as i said the other day, based on what we know and now, and knew at the time, we have no evidence of a preplanned or premeditated attack. this however remains under investigation. >> reporter: but there is video shot by the reuters news service, you see it here, that is the night of the attack in benghazi. describes the men carrying rpg's as ex-rebels. there is no sign of a significant demonstration at this time. before benghazi was brand terrorism a u.s. intelligence official told fox that everything under inve
capita, sent more jihadists to iraq than any other country in the world to fight against american soldiers. martha: yeah. >> and the capital of the jihad in libya is benghazi. in fact, we brought qaddafi in from the cold so to speak not only because of his abandoning the nuclear weapons program but because he was giving us valuable intelligence on jihadists in his own country. now, you know, for whatever reason we jumped in on their side in a war that, there was no provocation against the united states but we have to know this is a as dangerous a place as it gets on the planet for americans. martha: initially we were told it was about the video. then there was also reporting that, they were interested in having the blind sheikh released. which i think most people believe is not a possibility. but isn't all of that just sort of giving a reason to sort of an underlying current and a bigger issue here? >> yeah, you're absolutely right. you were good enough to mention my book, and that is exactly what spring fever is about. the dominant islam of this region of the world is islamic sue
, oftentimes, it is loord is immune to the sanks because they have access to resources, we saw in iraq in the days of saddam hussein. but hypotheticalally, with a second president obam term, there are those, especially on the israeli side who believe that that administration, the next administration, if it is headed up by the current commander in chief, would take a harsher line dpeans the israelis to dissuade them from taking out the iran nuclear program. do you agree with that argument? >> i think that's likely. i take it as a piece of evidence, the famous open microphone conversation between president obama and then russian president medvedev. saying, once i'm free, i can return to my natural inclinations. and the hostility of the obama administration's policy toward israel, generally, but particularly on iran, i think would increase in a second obama term. that would leave israel even more alone, as it faces the existential threat of iran potentially with nuclear weapons. >> bill: it was clear where the delegates for the republicans in tampa stood. when he delivered that line, it w
in afghanistan and iraq. as the crow flies from dern that and benghazi, 150 miles. the consulate hit day and a half ago how many protesters came from the town of derna? that is something we'll look at. we'll try to figure out what is the american response in all this? ambassador bolton is on standby. so to are many others. what do we do as a country? there are shades of the uss cole in october of 2000. it was three weeks before a national election. we feel is a little bit of a sense of that. we're 50 days away from yet another vote. we'll see what we do. bolton reacts. martha: they call it a brigade. they're looking like a more formedded force. al sharia has been bounced around for that brigade. more coming up on that in a little while. this creates troubling news for drivers here at home. oil prices jumped on the news of unrest in that region. crude trading above $97 a barrel. the average price for a gallon of regular gas, $3.87 at the pump. wholesale prices were driven up last month by the most in three years. food prices rising almost 1% with steep increases in the cost of eggs and da
cain said. declining influence dramatically in the middle east. billing out of iraq. intending to pull out of afghanistan. having a limp wristed reaction to assassination of four american diplomats. doing essentially nothing about the penetration of security of our embassies in multiple cities in the region. that is the tip of the iceberg in the last two weeks. this builds on a pattern of 3 1/2 years of failed leadership by the administration. martha: obviously there is a lot of political ramifications to this. i want to play two pieces of sound that are sort of prominent voices in this story. and the first one is from susan rice, now about 12 days ago. the second is mike huckabee just moments ago on our air. let's listen to those. >> what happened initially was it was a spontaneous reaction to what just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video that, people gathered outside the embassy and then, it grew very violent. >> i think frankly if, you know, this issue really gets the traction that it deserves, and let me say, that it deserves, let's go back. richard nixon was forced out
degree in iraq and just this past week ironically it was confirmed that a leader was taken out by a drone, put there by al-qaida leadership it's stunning what has come out of libya. when he talked about the leadership issue it came up often. american cannot shrink from the responsibility to lead. called the foreign policy administration a hit-or-miss approach. it strikes me as almost a precursor to what we will hear when the debates get underway in october, does it not in. >> i totally agree, bill. you will start to see this theme both on the economy and on polis to be a leadership election, not a stewardship. this needs to be showing leadership not only here in america, leading the economy, but showing leadership around the world, peace through strength, other phrases that you've heard both mitt romney and paul ryan say. i think they were trying to use this moment to distinguish themselves between the romney camp and how they would approach something like this. and president obama. but when ambassador stevens was killed it changed the dynamic a bit and i think governor romney had to get
in iraq, in afghanistan, warns that what we're seeing today might only be the tip of the iceberg. >> we're at the beginning of the air awakening. when the tv lights went off in tahrir square, you know, after mubarak stepped down, you know, like usual we said, end of story, end of autocracies, end of problem, you know. now it is a wonderful new world out there. well not exactly. bill: leland vittert now leads our coverage. he is streaming live again today in cairo. what's all this business about arrest warrants issued by the egyptian government, leland? >> reporter: bill, this really shows how much influence the islamists, the very hard-line jihadists have here in egypt in the sense that now the courts here, the general prosecutor, has kowtowed to their demands that these people behind the film be punished. obviously this is symbolic. the egyptian arrest warrants don't have any meaning in the united states. it stems from last tuesday here near the u.s. embassy in cairo where these protests all began. when they marched down towards the embassy. they ripped down the american flag to protes
extremism. >> it was the third largest contributor of foreign fighters to al qaeda in iraq who were killing americans. so, yeah, it was a prime recruiting ground for islamist forces. i think the answer, the short answer to that, the libyan government, this new libyan government we helped put in power is desperate to show they want to take care of things and they will clean this up. so i think they're going to do that all on their own. now what we have to do is make sure that, that it want one of those we'll round up the usual suspects kind of thing. we have to make sure that we're getting the full truth of what's going on there and not that they're just doing a little housecleaning. bill: this could be a long, bloody battle in that country. >> yeah. bill: we may start to see the beginning of this. back to the letter from the senators. these facts do not prevent you from labeling the murder of four americans as spontaneous reaction to the video and not a expression of hostility of to the united states. if the murder of four american diplomats is not a expression of hostility it is difficult
. to end the war in iraq in responsible way. he has done that to refocus on al qaeda in afghanistan. he has done that. to provide affordable, accessible health care to all americans. to provide middle class families with a tax cut. he has done those things but we can't stop there. we need to continue our progress. businesses have created more than 4.5 million jobs but how do we insure that america wins the race to the top where we restore economic security for the middle class. that is what the president is he can focused on. that is what this convention is focused on and ultimately that is what voters will be focused on in november. martha: all right. in terms of, you know this message that we heard over the weekend just from this "wall street journal" piece. i want to ask you one more point whether or not you folks are more worried than you had been about this election? when you look at that razor tight number. is that true? do you think that that piece made a good point? are you more concerned about selling your message this time around? is the president more concerned about it? >> well
of policing. >> the taliban wearing u.s. uniforms. bill: we saw it in iraq. iran reportedly deploys a russian made submarine in the gulf. it was launched after the u.s. and others began naval exercises in nearby waters. iran's supreme leader says he has no intention of invading other countries but he believes the armed forces should quote be upgraded in a way that no one is able to violate the reinforced fortress of iran, end quote. martha: secret emails uncovered in a daily caller information, they suggest that the justice department has been collaborating with a political media group on how to spin certain stories. what exactly is in those emails that have just been released through a investigation, we will speak to the man behind all that next. bill: a new legal battle for the unions in a critical swing state, that is wisconsin who is going to court now and why. we'll tell you. martha: a win for the royal family a judge ordering a french magazine to turn over topless photos of prince william's wife kate, but this case is far from over, coming up after this. >> i think it's an invasion of p
in iraq. to talk about the nature it of the threat from the iranian regime, not just its nuclear program but well beyond that because the problem with iran is the regime and to avoid talking about that i think sends the wrong signals because people are listening carefully to what the president isn't saying right now. bill: to both of you thanks again. you're a terrific panel. here. can t and steve. thanks. on witter, @billhemmer. that is our website, /americasnewsroom. the world is a aboiling. martha: the president obama with a jam-packed schedule when he comes to new york today. it is to packed he could not find time to meet with the prime minister of israel. but does he have time to sit down with the ladies on "the view"? apparent i owe does. details on that coming up. bill: the morning-after pill for high school girls? ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. bill: took all of thr
. the war in iraq is over. american troops have come home. we have begun a transition in afghanistan. and america and our allies will end our war on schedule in 2014. al-qaida has been weakened, and osama bin laden is no more, nations have come together to lockdown nuclear materials and america and russia are reducing our arsenals. we have seen hard choices made from cairo, to put more power in the hands of citizens. in the time of economic challenge the world has come together to broaden prosperity. through the g-20 we have partnered with emerging countries to keep them on the path. we have worked with african leaders to help them feed their nations. new partnerships have been forged to combat corruption and promote government that is open and transparent, and new commitments have been made through the equal futures partnership to insure that women and girls can fully participate in politics and pursue opportunity. and later today i will discuss our efforts to combat the scourge of human trafficking. all these things give me hope. what gives me the most hope is not the actions of us
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)